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Make Yoga a Habit 

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The ultimate guide for making yoga & meditation 

a part of your life, packaged as as easy-to-follow 

online and in-studio program

This challenge is perfect for anyone who:

Wants to make yoga a healthy habit 

Would like to establish a simple and sustainable home practice 

Is curious about how yoga practices can benefit their life

This coming April we invite you to join us for a solid 30 days of practice!

Starts April 1st. Sign up today via the registration button below!


A regular practice can help you to:

Handle stress with a greater sense of ease

Tone your body

Develop strength

Increase flexibility

Minimise the chance of injury

Increase mental clarity

Restore hormonal balance

Increase your overall sense of wellbeing

What's Included In The Challenge?

What's Involved in the Challenge?

The 30 day challenge is super simple, easy to follow and rich in benefits. Upon signing up for the challenge, you will receive a Yoga Challenge Pack with everything you need to get started.  

The basic outline of the program is that you practice yoga-asanas and meditation everyday, for 30 days. You will be required to:

Attend a minimum of 3 classes per week at your local ASMY centre (or as much as you can)

Maintain a daily yoga-asana practice (suggestions and programs provided)

Attend the meditation course running at your local ASMY centre

Progress through the week by week program laid out in the PDF Yoga Journal provided

1 month of unlimited classes at your local ASMY centre

A meditation course 

Your ASMY 30 PDF day yoga journal

30 day program 

A set of mala beads with accompanying mantra card 

A kirtan CD 

Access to a private FB group for tips, support and encouragement from our teachers 

Daily emails with tips and inspiration to help keep you motivated

Learn the secrets to living a happy, healthy life!

This unique and practical guide is based on the time tested processes of the yoga-system, tailored to suit your busy modern lifestyle. 

Carry your audio files on your phone so you can pause and practice no matter where you are.

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